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LLY-25C Manual Fuel Nozzle with Flowmeter - BenGas

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Manual Fuel Nozzle with Flowmeter LLY-25C
Brand : BenGas

Flow rate: 20-60L/min

Accuracy: ±1%

Inlet: 3/4"

Include Adapter: 1" - 1"
LLY series of manual nozzle with flowmeter (abbreviated as oil-filling gun) is a meter used to measure the volume flow rate of liquid passing through the pipe. It is suitable for measuring gasoline and kerosene fuel etc. The meter has such advantages as high accuracy and convenient and flexible use. As long as there is a height difference of 2m to 10m between the liquid level of measured medium and the meter, it can operate normally without any additional power source.
Available color: Green

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